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optional extras,,
.net, .org, .com,,,
.cc, .tv, .name, .biz, .info,


£7.50 per year *
£12.95 per year
£29.95 per year
£ phone

* 1st year free with 12 month hosting packages
included extras
Free 24/7 Technical Support
Live Online Support Desk
Submission to 10 Top Search Engines
Unlimited Email Forwarding
Majordomo Mailing List
SquirrelMail (requires 8mb Disk Space)

Vacation Autoresponder

optional extras
Web space (10mb)
Pop3 account
Extra Bandwidth (1gb or Part of)
DNS Hosting

Submission to 400 search engines
MySQL Database/phpMyAdmin
Miva Merchant

Secure SSL Server

£2.95 per year
£2.95 per year
£9.95 per year
£9.95 per year
(1st Year Free with purchased Domains)

£12.95 per year
£24.95 per year
£34.95 per year
(License required from Miva)

£24.95 per year

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